Corneshop Jesta started years before we opened our doors in 2014.

After school had finished for the day, I would quickly make my way to the local corner store.  I would struggle to push the door open but once I manage to squeeze through I was transformed to another world.

The isles looked as if they went on for miles and were so high I think I needed a ladder just to get to the second shelf.

My choices had to be swift but wise as I needed get home before Dungeons and Dragons had started. On a side note, Venger was always my favourite.

Tasty treats were not the only items on offer at our local. Panini stickers were always the craze especially during World Cup year. I remember having four Diego Maradona stickers – which were popular for swapsies.

At Cornershop Jesta, we hope to create that nostalgic vibe that I experienced in my childhood with our t-shirts. By also channelling our love of Pop Culture create something pretty special.

So, thank you for being here – take a look around – and follow us on this grand adventure.